A downloadable game for Windows

An audio-only, Berzerk-like shooter for the second No Video Jam.


The arena consists of a grid-like maze of rooms populated by angry robots. Collisions with walls and robots are deadly, though touching a wall will make a power-up sound and give you a second to move away.

A beacon is centered in each room exit. The beacon for the correct exit emits an alarm. Follow the alarms to successfully traverse each level, or hunt robots off the main path for (eventual) extra points.

There are three robot types, from easiest to most difficult:

  • Dumbasses have minimal visibility range, and don’t shoot far or accurately. Level 1 is populated exclusively with dumbasses.
  • Jackasses have mid-level visibility and range, and shoot more accurately. The jackass is introduced on level 2.
  • Badasses have as much visibility and shot range as you do, and are far more accurate. Badasses begin to appear from level 3 onward.

Robots can sometimes shoot or collide with each other. If a robot explodes, a shockwave takes out all nearby robots after a short delay.

Killing multiple robots in a 10-second window grants a score bonus, indicated by rising musical tones. A 4-tone sound plays when the bonus window resets.

The level exit plays a three-tone signal when it is visible. Move within range to activate it and advance. You cannot advance to the next level if any robots are visible.


Command Keyboard Controller
Move forward Up arrow Left stick forward, D-pad Up
Move backward Down arrow Left stick backward, D-pad down
Turn left Left arrow Right stick left, D-pad left
Turn right Right arrow Right stick right, D-pad right
Strafe left Shift left arrow Left stick left
Strafe right Shift right arrow Left stick right
Snap to nearest cardinal direction left Control left arrow Left shoulder
Snap to nearest cardinal direction right Control right arrow Right shoulder
Shoot Space Either trigger
Speak coordinates C Left thumb
Speak direction in degrees D Right thumb
Speak lives remaining H
Speak current level L
Speak robots remaining R
Restart or continue to next level when prompted Enter Xbox A, Playstation X
Exit game Escape

Sound Credits

Other sounds were sourced from Adobe Audition and other royalty-free libraries.


rampage-windows-x86_64.zip 17 MB
Version 43 May 04, 2021

Development log


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Hi, I can't get the game to start. When I try, it pops up with a command prompt window, then immediately exits. Windows 7, NVDA screen reader.

Replied to you on Discord already, but if anyone else encounters this, Windows 8.1 is probably the minimum supported version. Sorry.